Memorising the whole Bible?

I have  a friend who would love to memorise the whole bible. I’m not good at memorising. This year I’ve decided to write an album more or less straight from scripture, thus sticking to what I’m good at, and I might try and get more into bible memorisation next year. But anyway, aforementioned friend encouraged me to write about my thoughts on the matter, so here they are!

When satan attacks, and you don’t necessarily have a bible in your pocket, it’s nice to know more about the bible than just where to look to find a verse though. I think I was brought up in Sunday school with memorising being a good discipline for whatever reason, but I’ve come to think of it as more practical than that since going to a camp where a guy talked about satan and deliverance and stuff.

It’s actually really powerful to have the word for word word of God in your mind sometimes so you can put it on your tongue.

I’m not saying everyone should memorise if they don’t have a passion for it, or at least an understanding of why it’s good practice. People shouldn’t go around feeling bad cause they don’t memorise.

It’s just one of the things I’ve realised as I’ve grown up as a Christian bit by bit, gradually outgrowing the assumptions that children make about Christianity. It’s funny how you could tell kids why doing certain things is good, but they’ll take your word for it anyway and find out the reasoning for themselves down the track.

But yeah. It’s a good practice, and can be quite an important one, but it’s not make or break usually. I say “usually” cause after hearing stories of someone almost getting killed by satan, like just by satan, no use of earthly scenarios, I believe it can be make or break, but God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, and I don’t think it would be make or break for anyone ill-equipped to deal with it.

I would definitely encourage everyone to give memorising portions of the bible a go, both actively (by rote memorisation) and passively, by simply reading the bible regularly and listening to bible based music.

As far as I can tell, my friend agreed with all of this.

So I’m gonna give memorising a go this year, as well as writing that album, and I’ll go harder about it next year.

P.S.: Another friend just gave me some memorising advice about a method of memorisation that allows not only memorising a passage, but being able to start from any verse number. It’s called the Loci method. Here are the links you need to get started on it:

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