The ACT New Zealand Party – Brochure Adjusted

So I was given a brochure by the ACT New Zealand political party today, made some changes, some funny, some lame, but it was time well spent on the whole, I reckon. See what you reckon. I don’t claim that this is in good taste, or that it is a display of any political opinion (not that I would ever vote ACT, but that’s what this is about, it’s just a bit of fun).


4 responses to “The ACT New Zealand Party – Brochure Adjusted

  1. Yeah I surmised as much hehe. Still got it hehe, though thankfully don’t have to decide my political alliances for another two years. Trying to decide whether I like the government when NZs not really being hit all that bad by the recession is making my brain hurt.

  2. Yeah, I was the guy in the yellow t-shirt that gave you the pamphlet. :)

  3. Yeah it was good to have a read, learn a bit about ACT, and meet some of the guys involved on campus and further up the ranks. That’s my favourite part of clubs days at uni, it’s the only time anyone really takes an interest in what other people are doing, which is kind of a pity really.

  4. Haha, nice.
    Glad you enjoyed the brochure!

    -ACT on Campus

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