Peter Furler is leaving the Newsboys

After 22 years in the band, it’s kinda  hard to believe, he’s one of their mainstays. Thanks to Jody’s return, the band still has some solid past members, Phil Joel being long gone, and Paul Colman not lasting long. I’m starting to get the idea that the Newsboys is a travelling ministry for whoever feels called to contribute at the time, as opposed to a solid band that largely keeps the same members. The band must have a large catalogue of alumni by now. Anyway, here’s a link to an article about Furler leaving, and here’s a link to their wikipedia page where you can read all about the number of members they’ve been through hehe.

I am awaiting their next album, due soon, to see how things are going. Go didn’t wow me, and I am hoping for something fresh rather than a return to the worship genre.

The new lead singer is ex-DC Talker Michael Tait, so that should be good at least!

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