Yes. I am blogging about girls. It  was William’s idea so blame him.

Mainly cause that’s what we talked about in KFC for an hour today. Or should I say “who we talked about”? But then we talked about many and talked in general, so maybe what is a more appropriate word, seeing as I think referring to a species as a whole as “what” is ok and no one will feel disrespected. Ok I’m getting lost, just gonna move on…

There are many approaches that can be taken by guys towards the subject of dating girls, and who am I to say that there is one right answer?

There’s the “I think she’s interested in me, so what does this mean for me?” approach. This approach is, in my opinion, completely pointless because even if she is interested in you, if you’re not interested in her, then whilst respecting her feelings (or at least the feelings you’re speculating she may have), there’s not much you can do except hope she gets over you. Unless of course, after stopping to think about it you find yourself interested in her :)

Then there’s the “I like her, I’m gonna ask her out” approach. Also not ideal in my opinion, there is less heartache for all concerned if you at least get to know someone a reasonable amount before you date them.

One thing discussed was the whole thing of not liking just one person at a time, but having open options. Apparently Guzz is on a three month cycle, for me it’s three years, and Nick reckons it leads to finding someone eventually. A cycle is where you like one girl and then start liking another one and then switch to that one.

Mel thinks girls definitely exist. There were three sightings yesterday apparently, but no news on whether they were confirmed.

All in all, I think there was some kind of consensus that time helps to figure out whether to go out with someone or not. I don’t think this is going very well. Anybody know anything about girls???

Nick says you can wait too long, cause she might go out with someone else. Which I guess is true. Tough one. I like to just ignore that possibility. And I guess God fits in here somehow. Just thought I’d put that in there. So He has His plans, but they don’t have to involve us waiting for the audible boom from the heavens before we ask someone out, cause then she’d probably hear anyway and wouldn’t need to be asked.

For part of this study, we asked a real live girl for some opinions. Apparently it’s ok to ask if you can accept no for an answer, even ask on more than one occasion as long as you can accept when she’s very clearly saying no. (Nick says the scientific name for this is “defeat”). I think we should rename him Dr. Nick. He is currently tapping the floor with his feet. It sounds interesting.

According to our primary source, rushing things is generally not good. This wasn’t supposed to turn into an advice thing. Oh well. Everyone’s different anyway. It would be really handy to have Mel Gibson here right now, he did a whole movie about this.

Maybe we should wrap this out now so girls and guys alike can comment their opinion (now that we’ve made it clear that we don’t know what ours is hehe). Discuss!

One response to “Girls

  1. Get hitched. Use pickup lines –

    There are some great iPhone apps as well.

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