What is New Zealand’s Spiritual War…

I find it interesting but also saddening seeing what each nation’s spiritual battle is. In Fiji it’s a fight for unity, in Aus it’s a fight against racism. In NZ… I wonder what we need to be praying against as a nation…

I’m wondering if our nation has something in particular we need to deal with. It’s generally something fairly obvious, eg racism in Aussie is obvious, because it keeps coming up to the point where you go “this is just ridiculous”. Same with disunity in Fiji, their was inter-tribal warfare before european settlement, and since the Brits moved in there’s been division between indigenous fijians and indo-fijians, leading to no less than four coups, including two in a year in 1987.

Just thinking now, I would say that if NZ has something in particular, it would be the kind of disproportion that’s grown in the Maori community in terms of things like crime and poverty. Something that’s by no means only their own fault.

It’s interesting looking at the history of things. Like how Germany, a country that underwent severe spiritual turmoil in the war, now has a culture of satanism etc in the scene that’s associated with certain kinds of music.

Or how Fiji’s current unity issues may have their roots in the inter-tribal warfare and cannibalism of the past.

I wonder what the New Zealand wars of the 1860s have left the Maori people in terms of a spiritual legacy. Nothing good I think.

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