Google Wave, Twitter Mobile and other Tech randomness

Well, I’ve had an interesting week trying out and learning about new technology.

Google Wave is a technology that could well replace email, IM, IRC and a decent portion of social networking if it’s taken up on a wide scale. I’m not the person to tell you about it, that’s why I’ve linked to Google’s own hour and twenty minute long video about it from their I/O conference. If you want a shorter analysis of it, try here.

Also at the weekend, I signed up for twitter on my cellphone. This is exciting, because it means, not only can I tweet to the full potential of the site now (no longer being limited to when I’m at a computer), I can also essentially txt people for free when I am at a computer. That’s right, you heard me, free txtng! If I am at my computer and I tweet, whether in general, @username, or by direct message, if people are subscribed to receive device updates from me, they will get my tweet on their phone, and I didn’t spend a cent sending it! Even if I am tweeting on my phone, it will be sent to everyone who is subscribed to my device updates, as opposed to a txt which just goes to one person, but costs the same amount. Cool, huh?

Also, I’ve got twitter updating my Facebook, so I can also update my facebook simultaneously from my mobile :)

And as a random aside, I was in Palmy at the weekend, had to catch a bus to Wellington and didn’t have my reference number that I need to get on the bus, so I checked gmail on my WAP browser to find it. Good thing I starred the message or I would’ve been sifting through messages for ages! WAP isn’t ideal due to cost, but I find it cool that I can do it when I need to!

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