Jolly Fantastic Free Mac Apps

Well, like every man and his dog, I may as well compile my list of mac apps that are awesome and that you should all download if you don’t already have them. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, just a handful of the cool apps I use.


An awesome little menu bar app that does the iTunes navigation job of YouControl Tunes, but also does scrobbling and a few other handy things.


Only discovered this one the other day! An app that puts a little coffee cup on your menu bar that you can click to take your computer out of its usual sleep cycle and keep it awake until you click the coffee cup again. Handy for watching longer youtube vids, including full episodes of TV programs etc.


Had to be mentioned of course. A great multi-client tabbed chat program you can use for MSN, jabber, google talk, facebook chat, twitter, IRC, bonjour (handy for offline network chat) and so many more!


Everyone spends ages looking for that converter that will let them change anything into anything and this is it! It’s not the easiest thing to use, but it does a good job.


Put your DVDs on that massive external hard drive of yours! Got an iPod or other video-capable mp3 player? It’ll copy movies at an appropriate size. Want to take the finished product and edit out the naughty scenes so your kids can watch it? Go ahead! Handbrake is fantastic, but copying the movies takes a while, so make sure you have time.


Parle Vous Francais? No, neither do I. So because I only use my computer in English, I use monolingual to delete the other languages and save about 2gig of hard drive space!

Neo Office

Is OpenOffice made at home on the mac. Still waiting to be able to open the apps separately, but it’s good, and you can download Neo Remote if you wanna use your apple remote with Impress.


Goes without saying! Plays every kind of video file I’ve ever needed it to.


Once you get used to using this app, you’ll keep your dock uncluttered. It’s so handy, and it does more than launch apps, you can use it as a dictionary, and do so many other tasks with it, that I don’t even need to do, so I have no idea what they are hehe.

One response to “Jolly Fantastic Free Mac Apps

  1. Gong through my dock, the only useful ones are:

    Cyberduck – FTP client
    Smultron – Text Editor
    Bible Desktop – Bible Software

    And a bunch of specialist ones (Sage, GitX, TeXShop). Pretty much everything else costs (or is bundled).

    You should check out Wakoopa for software. Or MacUpdate for a gigantic database of Mac software…

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