Awesome Sites I Use

And I’m excluding the obvious ones here. Yes, I use facebook, twitter, youtube, wordpress and wikipedia, but those are givens. Here’s some not as obvious sites (though some are getting pretty popular) that you should use if you don’t:

A social music site, where you can keep track of your music listening stats, see what your friends are listening to, have music recommended to you, subscribe to internet radio, and download thousands of free tracks legally from artists who are giving them away. me on

A site one of my friends made, where you can keep track of those funny random things people say and look back at them later and laugh again. You can also see what’s being added to quotebooks associated with you, so I get to see all the funny things my mates in Palmy are saying. Ok, so I’m not the most eloquent describer in the world, but go check it out, it’s hilarious.

The New Zealand equivalent of, it often has some really cheap deals, and you can pay by internet banking, thus avoiding needing a credit card, though with the debit cards almost every bank is offering these days, that’s not such an issue anyway.

Useful if you ever need to look up bible passages to share, inspire or debate with, regardless of your personal beliefs. Even though I have bible software on my computer, I tend to find myself defaulting to this when in the browser, cause it’s bookmarked and so handy and easy to use.

Has the Indian and World population clocks on the right hand side of the site. Just look at the world population clock and imagine babies popping out all over the place hehe. I’m a bit of a population stats freak.

There are many survey sites like, and that have you doing online surveys in return for points towards rewards. I’ve gotten about $60 of phone credit, a $100 cheque, $40 of whitcoulls vouchers and various other things for free this way.

There are other sites like that I don’t use any more thanks to RSS feeds, but that are quite cool too. And of course I’ve tried my hand at making some sites myself, so if you like free music or theological debate, check out my blogroll.

One response to “Awesome Sites I Use

  1. Thanks for the plug. (-:

    Another online bible reader I find useful is CrossWire’s bible tool.

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