Outstanding Albums

So the list below is albums that I think are outstanding – pretty much every track is awesome. In no particular order. Note these are only albums I have in my collection, so not really a world standard or anything.

Jars of Clay – Jars of Clay

Their first and best album, I was stoked to find two copies of it in Manna last year, I bought them both, as I was present shopping. wikipedia last.fm

John Mayer – Room For Squares

An easy album to relate to lyrically, and well produced thought out music. I haven’t really heard any of his other albums in their entirety, but this one rocks. wikipedia last.fm

RelientK – Mmhmm

Another album that’s easy to relate to lyrically and has a good dose of humour and well arranged music. wikipedia last.fm

Switchfoot – The Beautiful Letdown

The album that put Switchfoot on the map (though all their previous stuff was also fantastic), where every track is a single really, that’s how good it is. wikipedia last.fm

Switchfoot – Nothing is Sound

A great follow up to The Beautiful Letdown with more of a rock feel, and once again, every track fantastic! wikipedia last.fm

Delirious – King of Fools

More of a rock offering from Delirious, as opposed to pop and/or worship, with every track fantastic. wikipedia last.fm

Linkin Park – Meteora

You either like Linkin Park or you don’t, But if you do, you’d probably agree that there are no bad tracks on this album. I enjoy every song. wikipedia last.fm

Magnify – Alive Within

The only worship band I know of that really actually plays rock music. Every track is great, though there are stand-outs like title track Alive Within. wikipedia last.fm

Magnify – In Wonder

Magnify’s first offering, still full of awesome tracks. Obviously Blown Away is the crowd favourite but I enjoy singing along to every track on this album. wikipedia last.fm

Mumsdollar – A Beautiful Life

The album that brought Mumsdollar to nationwide adoration in NZ, a mix of rock, punk and emo, but every song is an anthem. wikipedia last.fm

Newsboys – Love Liberty Disco

Interestingly enough, this album could be said to be a departure from the usual style for the Newsboys, but I think it’s their best album, though certainly all their albums have great tracks, Love Liberty Disco is another album where every track is a winner. wikipedia last.fm

Pillar – Where Do We Go From Here

Unlike “For the Love of the Game” which follows this album and tries a bit too hard at it, Where Do We Go From Here has great rhythm, great lyrics and is easy to sing along to for an album by a heavier artist. wikipedia last.fm

Queen – Greatest Hits 1

So greatest hits albums are cheating a bit (though some bands’ greatest hits albums really aren’t all that great), but this is an album in my collection that I just love, so it deserves to be here. Queen’s greatest hits really are great, what can I say? wikipedia last.fm

2 responses to “Outstanding Albums

  1. Have you listened to that album through?

  2. Mmm, Switchfoot are definitely excellent. I am not so keen on John Mayer though.

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