Best Facebook Apps I Use

Continuing the theme of listing some top stuff, here’s my pick of facebook apps (both web and desktop apps).


Syncs facebook events with iCal for mac users. Very very handy! Saves having to hit export for each individual event and you can customize whether it syncs events you’re attending, maybe attending or not attending.

My City

This is the only functionless time wasting app I really use. It’s got nothing on Sim City, but it’s fun adding a person each day, adding people to friends’ cities and trying to keep the stats balanced, and at 2mins a day, doesn’t waste too much time. I almost have 600 people in my city Tommopopolopolis!

My Type Personality

Based on the Myers Briggs personality test, this app makes the most of the social networking side of facebook to allow you to see what your friends’ results are. It’s quite interesting.


One of the staple apps of facebook, notes is awesome cause you can sync it to your blog. So this post should appear on facebook later today.


Who can be bothered posting their status twice? Not me. So when I’m not online and using to post my status everywhere for me, I use the twitter facebook app to copy my twitter status posted from my phone and post it as my facebook status.


Syncs facebook contacts into your mac’s address book. Not something I really need, but it’s a handy idea.

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto

If you have iPhoto 09 then you will already have this functionality, but for earlier versions of iPhoto, this is a terrific plugin to get your photos onto facebook already tagged and captioned, straight from your iPhoto library.


Is a desktop app that’s essentially the opposite of the iPhoto exporter. You can use it to download whole albums from facebook to iPhoto, handy for when your friends post photos to an event you went to. And it beats going “add to iPhoto library” for each individual photo on facebook, something I think you can only do in safari anyway.

3 responses to “Best Facebook Apps I Use

  1. I am not sure whether the official feed lets you customise the required status, but it works for me how it is.

    I just think that the official one is more likely to continue to work and support new features than a third-party application. But yeah, whatever works.

  2. First come, first served I guess! Doesn\’t bother me how I get it as long as it works, and fbCal was the first I came across. I would guess it\’s more or less exactly the same process.

    Can the facebook events feed customize which attendance status it exports?

  3. Regarding fbCal, what is wrong with the usual event feed you get by clicking ‘Export events’ at the top of ? You can subscribe to this just fine in your calendar software.

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