Song Lyric Formalisation 1 – Dance Floor

So one thing I entertain myself with sometimes is taking the lyrics to songs and translating them into formal language. Here are some altered excerpts from Dance Floor by Nesian Mystik:


Meet you at the dance floor 
Baby let’s pretend
You are my girl and I am your man.

Verse 4 (excerpt):

Fast foward three years and we still on the floor
But this time it’s for real (you’re my girl)
Matter fact lets be precise, you’re my wife
Mr DJ still holdin’ down tonight

Formalised Version:


Let us rendezvous at the dance floor
Ma’am, join me in pretending (in such a manner as will enhance our enjoyment of the coming evening)
That I am yours and you are mine

Verse 4 (excerpt):

Allow me, if I may, to advance three years into the narrative
We are, once again, dancing at the same venue
But on this occasion, we need not fantasize about being together, for it is a reality
(you are my woman)
For the sake of accuracy, let us state explicitly that we are in fact married
The same Disc Jockey who was so faithfully serving at this venue on that auspicious night three years ago is still serving faithfully this evening

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