Te Papa is Awesome

I was thinking the other day, and I’ve decided to spare a moment to promote our national museum. Though I live in Wellington, I hardly go there, and to be honest, I think I should! In the past 18 months, I’ve randomly wandered into Te Papa twice, and both times proved to be extremely worthwhile!

The first time, it just happened to be Te Papa’s tenth birthday, and we came across a room that had a 20m long cake in it for the public’s enjoyment. It was so awesome, like I wasn’t expecting anything other than the usual exhibits and there’s this huge lamington cake!

The second time, Shoeshine and I were trying to kill some time in town on a Saturday, so we randomly walked into Te Papa, and in the foyer we saw a sign for a dance show that was happening in the museum’s theatre, so went decided to go in and watch it. And it was really good! I love watching choreographed group dancing, it’s so impressive, and this dance group were doing a whole show with a plot and everything, not just one song. They were very skilled, I had a fantastic time.

So I have resolved that I should go to Te Papa more often. It has seven floors, and even if there isn’t random unexpected stuff happening there all the time, I like to think that I have enough appreciation of history and culture to enjoy the standard exhibits and whatever big exhibits may come to town (most recently Monet which I didn’t see, though I saw the LOTR display last time it was in town).

So come with me, we should all go sometime!

3 responses to “Te Papa is Awesome

  1. A year down the track, I stand by this post, it’s always great to go to Te Papa, always more to see that you haven’t found before!

  2. Yeah when I was there with the school holiday program, I didn’t really understand how it works, but it looks fun if you have time to figure it out.

  3. The Our Space video wall is quite cool, particularly the way the control interface works. It is certainly fun to play with, I guess it would be more so with a group of people.

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