Google Street View Stop Motion

So here’s a little vid that I made, half for the novelty of taking 1200 screen shots of google street view for stop motion, and half to promote my album by using one of my songs as the soundtrack (see previous post for details on that). Enjoy!

4 responses to “Google Street View Stop Motion

  1. Haha I’m aware it’s going backwards, adds to the fun of it in my opinion. If I was looking the other way, then the whole thing would be like driving in reverse gear (also fun), so there’s no winning hehe.

  2. you realize youre going backwards right? you should have been looking 180 degrees the other way.

  3. Like I said, I took about 1200 photos of what was on my screen while I was using google street view, then I put them all together with a short time each (about 0.2 seconds).

  4. heehee thats awesome! how did you do that?

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