A penny for your thoughts

Sadly, I’m not going to pay you a penny for your thoughts, and you can’t sue me for false advertising because I’m not a corporation or proprietor of any sort. And 2.5 NZ cents can’t buy you a lot anyway.

But I do want to know what you think. I hear both views on the subject a lot, so to put it to a poll:

Do you think telling someone how you feel about them (assuming you “like them that way/love them/whatever”) can lead to a friendship being awkward more often than not?

Your thoughts please.

Oh, and just so that this isn’t one way, here’s my thought for the day: If a picture is worth a thousand words, why do we need captions?

22 responses to “A penny for your thoughts

  1. justcallmemel

    tommo39 :I think this is very much a way of thinking shared by me and some guys I know, but even telling someone who you at least think doesn’t like you that you like them at least puts the idea in their head, which they may not have considered before.

    That there, happens to be the most accurate thing I think I have ever seen you write. Whether what you wrote is a good thing, I dont know, but it’s true anyway :) Kind of scary.

  2. justcallmemel

    Well done. Just testing a comment on here via wordpress.

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