A penny for your thoughts

Sadly, I’m not going to pay you a penny for your thoughts, and you can’t sue me for false advertising because I’m not a corporation or proprietor of any sort. And 2.5 NZ cents can’t buy you a lot anyway.

But I do want to know what you think. I hear both views on the subject a lot, so to put it to a poll:

Do you think telling someone how you feel about them (assuming you “like them that way/love them/whatever”) can lead to a friendship being awkward more often than not?

Your thoughts please.

Oh, and just so that this isn’t one way, here’s my thought for the day: If a picture is worth a thousand words, why do we need captions?

22 responses to “A penny for your thoughts

  1. well it is an idalistic comment, but I think I could keep it true.

  2. Haha, I never thought that I would say this, but you guys really made me think. I think you might have won. Yeah, that easily. hehe
    I struggled with your comment though Josh, because I know a lot of guys wouldn’t be like that. Maybe that’s just me and my low standard of guys. I don’t know.

  3. I don’t change real friendship for any reason.

  4. > Telling just makes things unnecessarily complicated.
    Um, what? Surely it is a lot less complicated.

    > But what you guys are saying, is that if a girl told you they liked you, you would keep your friendship completely normal with her? Hahaha I find that hard to believe.
    No, that is not quite what I was saying. What I was saying is that it would be a lot better and less awkward to have everything out in the open and be able to talk honestly, than to skirt around the issue and never really know anything. Even if nothing comes of it, I think it is easier to maintain a good friendship with someone who is honest and open than someone who is not.

  5. Nah, still a dumb idea.
    And girls do do a lot of wondering by the way. Well me and my friends do anyway.
    Telling just makes things unnecessarily complicated.

    But what you guys are saying, is that if a girl told you they liked you, you would keep your friendship completely normal with her? Hahaha I find that hard to believe.

  6. I think maybe the reason guys like stuff out in the open more is that girls don’t do as much wondering at intentions because they read the signs better so they don’t really wonder so much as know who likes them hehe.

  7. to joshs friend qwandor or whatever you like to be called.. whats wrong with wondering (4 w’s in a row!) at intentions. it keeps things exciting if anything.
    and what is the point in knowing? I really dont think clearing the air helps at all. probably makes it worse

    Im against everything both you guys have said here now.

  8. Well, looking at this from the other side (and I realise this disagrees somewhat with what I said earlier, and still stand by), if a girl were keen on me I would rather she say so plainly. Even if I did not think of her in the same way, I would much rather have an honest and reasonable discussion than keep wondering at intentions and trying to guess what someone else is saying. And yeah, I think what Josh describes is plausible, at least with roles reversed. I cannot say anything about girls.

    Not that I think this is likely to happen. But just putting it out there.

    Oh, and tangentially related, I am convinced that it is much better to talk to someone than to talk about them. Though it can be very hard, and certainly I fail to do so sometimes.

  9. It’s a stupid idea. the end.

  10. I think this is very much a way of thinking shared by me and some guys I know, but even telling someone who you at least think doesn’t like you that you like them at least puts the idea in their head, which they may not have considered before.

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