Vanessa Hudgens – Hehe

Chances are that if you’ve been in my presence in the last couple of weeks, you may have heard me comment or joke about Vanessa Hudgens. Maybe every guy has a couple of actresses he jokes about, or maybe it’s just me. But either way, I thought I’d use it as a chance to analyze what I do like in a girl (which in reality isn’t just her, I’d say it’s more a cross between her and her HSM character Gabriella Montez, so this isn’t even a completely real person we’re talking about).

This is an interesting post to be writing, because I wouldn’t say that I could ever divide the single females of the world (not that Vanessa’s single, and I wish for the best for her and Zac) into those who are my type, and those who aren’t. Goodness knows how many conversations I’ve had about the topic, but it seems that girls are good at having lists of what they want in a guy, and guys are more happy to take girls on a case by case basis. A generalisation, but one that seems to keep proving itself in more cases than not. So though I profess to look at girls on a case by case basis and not make blanket judgments about certain “types”, I have noticed in Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez some certain traits that seem to come up in every girl I take an interest in.

1. Musical talent. It’s not surprising really. I have a thing for girls who are musical. I think every girl I’ve liked or thought about has played at least one instrument, not that I’d mind if I ended up with one that only sang. I just can’t envisage marrying a tone deaf girl, singing is something I definitely want to be able to do with my wife, and I daresay she’ll be much better at it than me.

2. Teasing. This is mainly Gabriella Montez I’m talking about, I haven’t seen enough of Vanessa as herself to know what she’s like. But I like a girl who is able to be cheeky and tease without being overly flirty etc, cause that’s just OTT. It shows a certain boldness and comfort on the part of the girl, which is nice to be around.

3. Good looks. Cause she really is good looking. Applying this on a wider level, it’s more or less impossible to analyze, so including it is somewhat pointless. Looking back on girls I’ve liked, I don’t think I could say they have any similarities in appearance. So like I say, case by case basis really. And I’d like to think that looks wouldn’t be a factor when making relationship decisions. Pretty much everything else is more important. On a side note, which has nothing to do with whether certain looks are good or not, I don’t think I’ve ever liked a red headed girl. I’m not saying red heads are less good looking than other girls, cause that’s not what I think. I’ve just never liked a red head. Or a blond for that matter.

4. Intelligence. Gabriella Montez is part of a winning scholastic decathlon team, don’t know what Vanessa’s academic performance is like. Academia aside though, the intelligence I’m talking about is what comes up in conversation. What things a girl will talk about, what depth of conversation she’ll engage in. I know all girls will talk about deep feelings, I’m not talking about that, I mean talking about politics or anything else. I enjoy talking about most things. Having said that, I don’t think I’d really be able to marry a girl who is happy to talk about most things but spends half the conversation going “wow, I never knew that”. I’d rather she disagreed with me and challenged me and knew something I don’t.

There are other things too, but off the top of my head that’ll do. If I come up with enough else, maybe I’ll do a sequel post! Please comment with your thoughts, talk about yourself, I don’t expect you to be interested in talking about me hehe.

6 responses to “Vanessa Hudgens – Hehe

  1. Well you were right about Miley Cyrus :)

  2. Yeah, Emma Watson is a decent role model I guess. I wouldn’t know who are the role models goes look up to these days though…
    I remember from watching a tv morning show that Emma Watson is sorta mad lover crazy. You know the type that kills ppl out of love. Nothing like a woman scorned.
    She’s supposedly been after Daniel Radcliffe since the first HP movie but Daniel keeps telling her no means no. She supposedly can’t get the hint and is still after him. I would laugh if she went and watched the theatre act he did with that nude scene XD

  3. As much as with some teen stars it’s inevitable (case in point: Lindsay Lohan), I really hope those two don’t go that way. Same with Emma Watson. It’s really nice to have some good role models out there for girls.

  4. Give Miley Cyrus and Vanessa 5 yrs and you’ll have your Britney and Paris.

  5. Yeah the intelligence thing was definitely a Gabby Montez attribute, though Vanessa seems to largely have her head screwed on. At least apart from the nude pics, she’s avoided looking like another Britney/Paris.

  6. Vanessa Hudgens isn’t exactly someone I consider intelligent…
    Dane Cook was a total retard to her though…

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