Summer Fashion According to Tommo


Shorts = 5 points
Jeans = 1 point
Track pants = 0 points
T-shirt = 5 points
Shirt = 3 points
Skivi = 0 points
Singlet = 5 points
Jandals = 5 points
Sneakers = 3 points
Boots = 0 points
Going bare-chested = -10 points


Dress = 10 points
Skirt = 5 points
Jeans = 1 point
Shorts = 3 points
Hot pants = -5 points
Mini-skirt= -10 points
T-shirt = 5 points
Shirt = 3 points
Trousers = 0 points
Jandals = 5 points
Sneakers = 3 points
Light summery girly shoes = 4 points
Platform Shoes = -5 points
Unecessary make-up = -10 points

How well do you score?

8 responses to “Summer Fashion According to Tommo

  1. Ha, Just saw your comment back to me. I didn’t even know that about t-shirts and shirts. weird. And also, this was a cool post! Well I liked it…except that it means I only scored 1 point today :( Almost everything I’m wearing isn’t on your list hehe

  2. Bare foot really should get extra points, but I’m not really keen to alter it now that it’s imported to facebook. Perhaps I could make a more comprehensive list at some point.

    I guess I should really figure out how many points I got hehe. Hmmmm (adds)

    15! Jandals, shorts and t-shirt.

  3. Shirts button down the front. I got 13 points today. Also, does going bare-foot get extra points? And what about other sorts of trousers, cargo pants for example?

  4. Shirts have collars. I only give credit on my blog posts if it would in fact be a credit to that person. People would probably think less of you if I listed you as inspiration for such a weird post hehe.

  5. werhoo! I scored a total of 14 points today. Wearing a dress makes it so easy to score high haha.

    And please clarify what the difference is between a t-shirt and a shirt (for both guys and girls)? I’m a girl and I don’t even know the answer to this hehe. useless.

    Also, where is the bit that says “Blog post Inspired by Melanie Wood”???? hehehehe

  6. You don’t spend the points, you earn them depending on what you’re wearing.

  7. Also, in the interests of cultural diversity, lava-lava and kilts should be included in the list.

  8. The question is, how many points do we have to spend?

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