God is Good

Last night I played with good old Cubed at the Massey University Christian Fellowship ball. I DJ’d too and had a great night, and so did many other people it would seem. But in the days leading up to the ball it seemed like everything was against me going. Yet I was there and I performed, so here’s why God has been good to me this past week:

– Last weekend I almost lost my voice, it was feeling pretty terrible on Sunday. I had it back just in time to sing last night.

– On Friday night I was looking for bus tickets to and from Palmy (admittedly this was leaving it a bit late) and the times I needed weren’t available. I was beginning to think of alternate ways to get there and back (the best of which were far from ideal) when the seats I needed became available, and I was able to take the bus to Palmy yesterday morning and will take it back to Wellington tonight.

– After that ordeal on Friday night, after I went to bed I vomited the contents of my stomach out my bedroom window. Joys of living on the second story! Anyway, my flatmate prayed with me, and though I vomited a few more times (not that there was much left) I did eventually fall asleep, got up in the morning and went to catch the bus to Palmy. Then I proceeded to eat and drink throughout the day without any issues, and sing last night more or less as usual despite the abuse my throat had received from being used as an exit for my lunch. Either it was simply something I ate that I needed to get out of my system, or God healed whatever bug I’d been infected with. Either way, everything came together against the odds and the part I had to play in the ball went as planned.

So thank you Lord!

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