+hunger –> -hunger/+M(Satisfaction)_



M= meal
B= burger
L=drink (Liquid)
F= Fries
D=distance between food and mouth/reach of arm.
O=optimisation of environment

Burgernomics = the study of the relationship between burger and burger derivative meals and their environment with a focus on the optimisation thereof.

Optimisation: Pertains to the improvement of the environment of the diner, including such factors as the arrangement of the meal, the comfort of the seating, the ambience (lighting, music, people) of the venue.

Burger satisfaction scale = as price increases, quality must also increase for satisfaction to remain constant. Formula: Satisfaction = Quality/Price

Example 1: If price is $5 and quality is 10 out of 10, then 10/5 = satisfaction rating of 2

Example 2: If price is $10 and quality is 5 out of 10, then 5/10 = satisfaction rating of 0.5

How to rate the quality of a burger

The authors wish to note that burger quality is a subjective matter. It will involve such factors as the meat (or not) that is used, gluten/non-gluten options, condiment options and the quality of the ingredients, and how they have been prepared. Ultimately it is the consumer’s relationship with all of these variables that determines quality. Choice is an important element in attaining quality. An important case study was a recent underfunded field trip to Burger King in Manners Mall, Wellington, NZ. At this particular brand, consumer choice is encouraged in the form of the slogan “Have it Your Way”. We attempted to verify this by requesting that a burger be made with onion rings contained therein. This particular brand maintained the integrity of their claim and ensured customer satisfaction by acquiescing to our request.

Disutility: Being in a situation where quantity of consumption is so large that negative effects occur, such as feeling overly full, or even falling ill.

2 responses to “Burgernomics

  1. It’s amazing how much can be found to be said about burgers :)

  2. i thought this was about seo not burgers

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