Avatar 3D Review

Well seeing as I can count myself among the first people to see a movie (which doesn’t happen very often), I guess blogging about it is a good idea!

I went to see it last night when it was only on its second day in New Zealand cinemas, so even though it was 11:50pm, the theatre was packed. Looking back from my not so great seat near the end of the second row from the front, I could see everyone with their 3D glasses on and the sight was pretty retro hehe.

3D technology is pretty cool. The 3D Alice in Wonderland trailer was awesome, and I’m definitely keen to go see that movie. Even titles and credits look cool in 3D! By about half an hour into the movie I realised that 3D isn’t so much about things coming out of the screen at you, as it is about the depth of what’s on screen. Though sometimes things do look like they’re right on front of your face, and I’d be keen to watch a 3D movie from farther back in the theatre. The only thing about 3D is that much like in real life, your eyes are only allowed to focus on very specific points, not the whole screen at once. So if you don’t focus your eyes on the same thing the camera is focussed on, your eyes will get sore.

As for the plot and movie itself, it wasn’t as predictable as some would have you think, and though a long film at 161 minutes, it trots along at enough of a pace that you’re not really spending a lot of time predicting what’s coming next anyway. Personally I don’t see why some people take issue with plot predictability anyway when James Cameron’s last film’s (Titanic) plot was written nearly a century ago. We all knew most everyone was going to die before he even finished making the film.

Many of the characters are stereotypical, but still believable. The CGI produced by Wellington’s very own Weta Digital is superb, so the humanoid Na’vi are detailed, and the main girl even looks quite pretty at points. It’s wonderful to remember every so often that the landscape you’re seeing in the forest is New Zealand bush.

It’s a great action packed, yet emotional film that really does need to be seen at the cinema, unless you want to wait about three years or so (no matter how much they tell you the technology will arrive sooner) to be able to have a decent experience watching 3D blu ray discs on a well made 3D TV.

Rating: 5/5


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