On Clothes and Modesty…

Because after all, it is an ever present subject…

I’ll try to not offer too many opinions, lest I get myself in trouble. Oh and please please pleeeease note that this blog has been floating around in my head for a while. While I was disappointed that people were posting their bra colours on Facebook last week, I’ve deliberately left that out of this post. It seems to be over now and I’d rather leave it that way and talk about what I’ve outlined below instead. And if I’ve tagged you in this post on Facebook, it’s not because I think you need to change what you wear, but because I want to know what you think. You can decide for yourself how to dress once the discussion’s over.

We shouldn’t forget of course, that clothes should make you look good. You’d have to be mad to argue that clothes should make you look boring. We can’t all be monks or nuns, as much as I respect such people. Everyone likes to feel good and look good in the contents of their wardrobe. So the question is, when do you look “too good”? I suspect there are as many answers as there are wrinkles on Helen Clark’s face or stars in John Key’s eyes every time he meets Obama.

Yet the question remains. I’m no historian, but I’d say that the art of making a woman’s clothes flatter her body shape isn’t a recent thing by any measure. Isn’t that what corsets were invented for after all? Well I guess corsets were also to alter a woman’s body shape. But you get my point (and just so you know this isn’t going to be just about girls, but to start with it is).

Like I said to start with, I’m going to try and refrain from offering opinions, I’ll just end up in trouble with people. But I’ll make an observation. It seems to me that the average Christian standard for appropriate dress is that if your belly button’s covered, your top isn’t too low cut and your skirt or shorts aren’t too short then you’re ok. It seems to be all about having certain areas of your skin covered. My observation is that the current fashions in tight jeans and fitted tops makes having your skin covered pretty irrelevant. You can see what’s there anyway! There, I said it. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, well let’s talk about it. There’s a reason Flo Rida sings the song he does. And of course the same applies to guys tops and jeans. That’s my thought anyway.

Then there’s the usual things that get thrown around in this debate like how much is it girls’ responsibility to dress modestly as opposed to guys’ responsibility to have some self control? I will say that I always thought the whole thing of “girls don’t realise how much guys struggle” was overrated. I always thought “surely the smart Christian girls I know aren’t that oblivious?” I’m not so sure any more. In my efforts to not anger girls I’ve always stayed on the “guys are losers who need to get some control” side of the argument. That’s how I’ve thought for years. With this blog post I’m deciding to venture out and say that I do think there is more that girls can do.

But anyway. I think that’s my thoughts on the subject. I’ve probably managed to get myself in trouble, but I’ll cope. What are your thoughts? And let’s not limit it to girls’ clothes. If you want to talk about whether it’s appropriate for guys to swim topless or wear speedos or tight t-shirts, go for it! It all works both ways, though being a guy I couldn’t really present both sides in this post.

2 responses to “On Clothes and Modesty…

  1. Yes I know Christian girls who wear short shorts too. But seeing as my main point is that you can see what’s there regardless of how much skin is covered, I decided it was much of a muchness as to whether I included the short shorts example or not.

  2. Hahahaha nice post. I would like to add about girls swimwear. Some girls prance around in just a bikini top and bottoms which is pretty much equivalent to a bra and undies. I would call that almost as immodest as you can get. And awkward wearing that anyway.

    Also after your huge hissy fit (or whatever you call it) about that whole bra colour thing on facebook, I went for a long walk the other day, and that popped into my thoughts. I now do get your point in a way :)

    ‘It seems to me that the average Christian standard for appropriate dress is that if your belly button’s covered, your top isn’t too low cut and your skirt or shorts aren’t too short then you’re ok’
    i disagree about the short shorts and short skirt thing among christian circles. it’s become accepted in a christian society as well, not that I agree with it, but I think to a degree, it has been accepted. many christian girls wear stuff like that just as much as non-christian girls. I went to a church over here in Tauranga and there were girls in tiny shorts and skirts. in a church!! Society is changing, and it’s sad.

    to conclude, guys in skinny jeans is disgusting. a total turn off. they should be banned.

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