Only in Wellington…

Did anyone else think the weather today was unusually extreme?

Here’s a pic of my view over Wellington on the way to work in the morning:

Foggy much? In contrast, here’s a pic from the same vantage point on my way home from work:

Notice much difference? :P

9 responses to “Only in Wellington…

  1. I miss Wellington already :) Hi the clouds, the trees n the sea :D

  2. @yomcat if only that were the reason. But no. Wellington can suck that much sometimes :P

  3. Josh, it helps if you take your thumb off of the camera.

  4. yup give me 6 months. just for the sake of it, heres the mount
    so similiar its scaring me. i love the mount. best place ever

    k, i shall leave you alone now. sorry. night.

  5. Yeah you really need to check it out again then.

  6. whoaa, why does wellington look so pretty? i do not recall it being like that 5 years ago. it looks like the mount.

  7. Yeah I haven’t really checked it out this evening, have to say the sun was almost too hot playing games with the kids today, but I was so glad it was there at all that I hardly noticed! I don’t really end sentences much…

  8. It got pretty foggy again this evening though, at least up by the Polhill gun emplacements and Brooklyn wind turbine.

  9. I certainly was glad that it cleared up. It made for a much more pleasant lunch, and walk home.

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