Icebreaker Games

So some of you are most curious to know what this mystery post is that I was talking about yesterday. So here it is. If it offends you don’t blame me, you asked for it!

You know that icebreaker game where you have to go around and get signatures from people who have differente charcteristics? “Find someone who’s birthday was in June” etc? Well imagine what that game would be like in a prison! “Ok boys we’ve got a few new inmates so we’re gonna do a bit of an icebreaker activity so you can get to know each other!” Here’s the questions:

Find someone who’s murdered at least three people.

Find someone who’s never committed a crime in the month of January.

Find someone who’s committed fraud in more than two countries.

Find someone who only steals before three in the afternoon.

Find someone who thinks they’re innocent.

Find someone who actually is innocent.

Find someone who hasn’t been high for at least three weeks.

You get the idea….

2 responses to “Icebreaker Games

  1. My overactive mind chasing the boundaries of propriety and somehow yet again managing to fall inside them… I think I need to try harder.

  2. Charlotte

    Lol Josh, that’s awesome :)

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