10 Things a Guys’ Kitchen Must Have

It’s great fun living in an all guys flat. I have 5 male flatmates and we have some hilarious manly times, but none of it would be quite as awesome if our kitchen was lame. So here’s ten things I think a guys’ kitchen needs…

10) Rice. It’s just a staple thing. Rice beefs up any meal and goes with so many things, whether you’re actually cooking Asian food or not. Mexican, European, it doesn’t matter. Rice rocks! Sometimes I just eat rice with Sweet Chili Sauce and Soy Sauce as a snack. Which brings me to the next one…

9) Sweet Chili Sauce. Whether you have it on rice, on toast, on mashed potatoes, whatever, it gives flavour and kick to just about anything :) especially otherwise bland white people’s meals :P

8) Mixed Veges. Vegetables are often an afterthought in a guys’ flat. We get the meat going, we’re really excited about the meat, the spices, the sauces, and realise we’ve got no veges! Out of obligation from all the destructive female input we get from our collectively awesome mums, we decide we’d better put some mixed veges in just to say we had some veges. They’re great cause they can keep for ages in the freezer, they’ve got a good diverse quality of veges (thus the name) and they’re marginally more healthy than not having any veges :)

7) A Dishwasher. I was gonna limit the list to edible items, but somehow this seems important. In a guys’ kitchen, you need a dishwasher purely just to make sure the dishes get done. We don’t have one and sometimes we get big stacks of dirty dishes, despite having a method in place for getting them done daily. And I think our flat is comparatively clean as far as guys’ flats go.

6) Brown Sugar. Only since moving in with my current flatmates have I learned the diversity of this sweetness. I used to only use it in chocolate sauce and on porridge, but apparently you use it on pretty much any cereal, and in drinks too. As well as if you’re making a satay (which I haven’t – yet).

5) Meal Basics. If you have onions, a can of tomatoes and a pack of mince (and aforementioned rice), you can’t really go too far wrong. Still, try to have something more interesting once in a while…

4) Spices. Spices that get the most use in our flat are: Lemon Pepper, Chili Powder, Turmeric, Paprika, Garam Masala, Curry Powder. We also use plenty of others fairly regularly. Well some of us do. There’s one or two of us in particular who are into our spices. Between these spices, honey and soy sauce, you can’t really make chicken taste bad, but spices just make everything more awesome. Even chocolate.

3) A Barbecue. It’s not really in the kitchen per se, but if you’re gonna have a guys’ flat, you must have one, period.

2) Milk and Bread. Hate to say it cause they’re so boring, but these are the things we go through the most of in our flat. It’s like every minute of the day there’s someone or other having a piece of toast or a sandwich. Which for us usually also involves tuna, cheese, tomato sauce (ketchup), mayo, mustard aaaaand…

1) Hickory Sauce. It’s a particular kind of BBQ sauce that contains much awesomeness in terms of flavour. In my opinion, no sandwich is complete without it. It just changes the entire value of even the most otherwise awesome sandwich! And it has a flavour reminiscent of Burger King BBQ sauce, but even if you’re not into BK, this is the BBQ sauce for you! If you have some and don’t use it then shame on you! And if you don’t have some, get some! Also, Tuimato sauce is great. Not only the bestest tasting T-sauce (tomato sauce) I’ve had, but everything has to be better if it has beer in right?

5 responses to “10 Things a Guys’ Kitchen Must Have

  1. Well seeing as you’re a bunny Thi, you’re a pet woman.

  2. @Thi yomcat is trolling. Do not pay too much attention to him. Also he is married, though I still have not worked out how that happened.

  3. Thi Hoang

    @ yomcat: hey, stop that silly thinking! Gals r not pets. We belong to no one but ourselves. and im pretty sure that u can just feed urself as well as ur mum fed u when u were young. sr for my language. but i disagree.

  4. You also need a woman to do the cooking. They all belong in kitchens anyway.

  5. “Spices just make everything more awesome. Even chocolate.”
    -> wat? r u insane? good chocolate should be pure.

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