Link Up!

So I’ve started linking to friends’ sites down the bottom right in the footer there, so if you want your blog or site to be included, leave a comment! :)

9 responses to “Link Up!

  1. Haha Val, I’m not sure people who can’t be bothered finding their own url are really that interested in being linked to. I’m happy to link to your blog, but I’m not gonna run around doing your research for you.

  2. vanTalerie

    Should be off my facebook. Cannot for the life of me remember what it is at the mo. Also, since it’s hols, it’s freetime for me (if not for you guys). But we should still hang sometime. Srsly.

  3. @faithsuzzette if you want to subscribe you should just able to add to your RSS reader, or if you want specifically posts about my Phils trip, this link might work:

  4. Hey! I really like your blog. Maybe you can link to me:

  5. Hmmm… actually, I was looking for a “Subscribe” button. I want to know how your trip to the Philippines goes, if that is ok with you. No need to add me to your blogroll, though, since I don’t write all that much.

  6. So what is the url for you Val?

  7. vanTalerie

    Me. Link to me.

    Wherever it is. Admittedly, keep in mind I don’t update that often. Which is suckage, but there you go.

    there may be revamp of site. maybe. depending on essays.

    also, your face.

  8. Blame Narborg, I just copied it from him.

  9. You got my site wrong – Just link to

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