9 responses to “People Who Don’t Have Facebook

  1. Yep that is true

  2. Yep that

  3. jessbhinkle

    I agree…. Having an FB account oftentimes gives us an excuse not to see someone in person. As long as we can chat with the person online, it makes us presume that everything is doing just fine. I guess, FB users should also bear in mind that having an FB account requires a lot of self discipline to avoid falling into the trap of becoming loafers. Probably, t that’s what non-FB users are trying to imply….
    jess: http://jesshinkle.wordpress.com/

  4. It’s more like I know that I’ll never check it, then I’ll get some friend going ‘why didn’t you come to my party? I invited you on facebook!’. Also, I think that technology can make us lazy socially – I’d rather that friend call to invite me to the hypothetical party.

    Ok, I’m going to stop talking about the bad things about facebook now.

  5. Yeah being too lazy can be a legitimate excuse. I know people who have had fb and then deleted it cause they never used it. Which can’t really be argued with.

  6. I think some people go on about it because they don’t want to be ‘part of the crowd’. They think it makes them cool that they are unique enough not to have facebook.

    Having said that, I don’t have facebook *ducks from stones being thrown* – the reason being that I’m too lazy. I’m not really that social, I don’t want to read about how some person I didn’t care about in highschool just popped a baby out.

    I’d rather read blogs like this or books.

  7. I couldn’t have said it better. I for one, work out of facebook. It is part of my dayjob. After reading this post… I’m gonna start asking fbhaters, “So what do you waste your time on, then?” ;) bahahha!!

  8. haha interesting. I have found that having no internet at school (well expensive internet) has been very beneficial. I don’t actually waste hours on end on the stupid thing now and i do end up doing things that are far more worth while… like reading the bible etc etc.

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