Monthly Archives: August 2010

It’s Cool to be Asian

Has anyone else noticed that it’s fashionable to be Asian now? Obviously, if you are Asian then it’s always been fashionable, but if you’re white, it’s now become fashionable. Continue reading

SALT (no spoilers)

I went to the movies today. Most of you will probably think I’m insane for going to see Salt but not Inception. The remainder will probably think I have a crush on Angelina Jolie. Neither is the case… apart from the insanity bit… Continue reading

A Man’s Supermarket

I think we can all agree that if a supermarket were designed with only male customers in mind, the result may be more than a little different to the result we see in most supermarkets we visit. It is my belief that a man’s needs in a supermarket are simple. And I’m not talking about some all-encompassing image of a man, if you’re metrosexual then sorry, this won’t be the supermarket for you. I’m talking about a Man’s Supermarket as if it were designed by the only handyman worth mentioning: Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. But as Tim Taylor hasn’t done such a design to date, here’s how I think he’d do it: Continue reading