The Planning Begins

The Chocolate Hills in BoholSo you may know I really want to go to the Philippines next year. The advantage of having work is that when you decide you want to go somewhere, you save, you ask for the time off work, and you go! So different to being a student hehe. I have neither saved all the necessary funds, nor asked for the time off work, but I have begun saving! I should probably sort the leave out soon though it is so far in advance.

God has had it on my heart all this year that it is time to go somewhere. At first I had a couple of ideas where I might go. One was to visit my grandparents in England, another was to visit my friends in Malaysia. But I felt uneasy about those ideas, I didn’t really feel that I could justify the spending on travel that would be such a large expense on my limited income, even for the sake of seeing such wonderful people. Then God brought Shepherd’s Arms across my path.

Map of the PhilippinesShepherd’s Arms is an orphanage in Bohol, Philippines. It has been on the outskirts of my radar for a while now, since it has been supported by my church – Elim International Church – since before I even came to Wellington in 2007.  The ministry was brought to my attention when one of the houseparents/managers of the orphanage added me on facebook, discovered I work with children, and invited me over. That was when I realised that this is the place for me to go! The spending would be thoroughly justified because the trip would combine my passions for cultures and children, and give me an opportunity to perhaps even make a difference to some people who have a need, though such an amazing job is being done there already.

Certainly a huge benefit that I am identifying in advance is that it will be the first of hopefully many experiences giving of my time and myself to foreign cultures, and I think it’s appropriate that I’ll be initiated into this missions work through working with children. I am so thankful that God has given me a heart for the most delightful humans on the planet. Children are so special.

Anyway, here is where I will keep you posted! Though I expect to pay for the majority of the trip through saving from my income, I will probably try and do at least one fundraiser. As well as ensuring that the trip can happen on time and on budget, an integral part of fundraising is that it gets my community on board with the work that God is doing in my life, and that means a lot to me!

19 responses to “The Planning Begins

  1. Well possible you’re thinking of a different orphanage. Martin and Amy Lamb who set up Shepherd’s Arms care very deeply about the kids and staff in Bohol, I’m pretty sure…

  2. jay lapus

    Your plan is good, the founder of that orphanage is not good. he has no heart to his workers especially to the couple who manage the orphanage.

  3. I’m very sure you will be able to help so many children in Bohol. I admire your good intentions and pray that your plans will go smoothly. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here! :)

  4. @bendedspoon Amen, Salamat, may He bless you too!

  5. you will touch lives
    and your life will be touched
    salamat sa pagmamahal mo sa mga bata
    (thank you for your love for the kids)
    God bless you more :)

  6. Yeah I’ve heard lots of awesome things about Bohol :) hopefully I will get to have a look around the island!

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