Language Poll

Well, not so much a poll so much as just wanting your opinions. A quick question: If you were learning another language, what things would you want to be able to say? And I don’t mean all the obvious ones like “hello”, “where’s the loo?” etc… pick something that’s random yet essential and leave a comment :)

And I’ll try to learn to say as many of your suggestions as possible in Tagalog…

13 responses to “Language Poll

  1. @nelmski Salamat!

  2. I love Jesus.
    In Tagalog: “Mahal ko si Hesus.”

    You can do it!
    In Tagalog: “Kaya mo yan!”

    Nice blog. Keep it coming :)

  3. I’d need only one term, the translation of “Get the fuck away from me!” in every major language.

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