SALT (no spoilers)

I went to the movies today. Most of you will probably think I’m insane for going to see Salt but not Inception. The remainder will probably think I have a crush on Angelina Jolie. Neither is the case… apart from the insanity bit…

Anyway! The ultimate question of the movie is of course, which side is she on??? To which I won’t give an answer, cause you should see for yourself. What I will say is that they did a pretty good job of making it hard to tell the answer to that before the last 15 minutes!

The movie contains the appropriate number of explosions and action sequences that you’d expect from an Angelina Jolie movie. As in it pretty much is one big action scene, where one fight cannot but be shortly followed by another. If you want comparisons, I’d say it’s better than Wanted and higher stakes and less gimmicky than Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which makes it pretty good in my book.

Jolie is backed up by a competent cast of supporting actors to make it more than a one woman show, in case you get bored of seeing her ever-changing-disguised face.

If you see it/have seen it, let me know what you think! And answer me this: Will there be a sequel? The ending leaves the slightest opening for one, but that could just be for the fun of having an open ending…

3 responses to “SALT (no spoilers)

  1. I enjoyed Wanted, though I don’t remember it being much more than explosions and curving bullets. Not much plot that I recall…

  2. debzywebzy

    If it’s better than wanted I have to go see it coz I loved wanted. Loved it

  3. Interesting read, funny in all the right ways!

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