It’s Cool to be Asian

Has anyone else noticed that it’s fashionable to be Asian now? Obviously, if you are Asian then it’s always been fashionable, but if you’re white, it’s now become fashionable.

You are cool if you are the white person who eats Mi Goreng noodles or (depending on how loose your definition of Asian is) orders something spicier than a Butter Chicken at your local curry restaurant.

At more formal occasions, you can be cool by wearing something resembling traditional costume from an Asian country. When you eat out, you can be cool be being adept at using chopsticks to devour your meal.

Apparently China has overtaken Japan to be the second largest economy in the world, and so the world is starting to take notice of Asia (why we didn’t take notice when Japan was the second biggest economy in the world is anybody’s guess :/ ). While we are still waiting for some of the west to grow up and realise that being white doesn’t make you better at anything than anyone else, everyone else is starting to eat Asian food, pay attention to Asian fashion and even start showing Asian and Indian movies at the cinemas in predominantly white countries.

Globalisation is awesome. I’m enjoying it! It means I can have more experiences without having to leave my own city, but at the same time, I’m being given more and more reasons to go and see what’s out there.

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