Genesis 2

Genesis 2 is another meaty passage of Scripture, about which much could be written. I could talk about the sabbath. Or the many interesting circumstances surrounding the creation of man (prior to God picking up dust and making man, we are told that there are not yet any plants. I always envisaged man being made IN the Garden of Eden). But out of sheer curiosity, I thought I’d hone in on the very end of the chapter.

“The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”

You can imagine how many spam comments this will attract. Thankfully WordPress blocks them all admirably. It’s just interesting that out of everything associated with nudity, Scripture hones in on the concept of shame. It doesn’t say that they weren’t aroused by each other (and we can get into a whole debate here on nudism and sculptures and whether nudity can be non-sexual), it simply says they had no shame. As far as we’re aware, Eve was naked and she was well aware that she looked absolutely h-o-t and she wasn’t one bit ashamed of that fact!

I’m not trying to say that this has any implications or application for the rest of us. As we live in a post-original sin world, sexuality has been perverted and nudity without shame is essentially reserved for married couples, in my opinion. You can disagree if you like :)

I’m merely commenting on how interesting it is that they were naked and probably even quite attracted to what they saw and it wasn’t lust or sin or anything like that. It was just normal.

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