The Expendables

Tonight I went to see The Expendables at Readings.

Now I’m pretty easy to entertain, but I thought it was good! For a B-grade movie. The plot was a little hard to follow and it had the odd laugh at itself, but it had several things going for it:

  1. It wasn’t (for the most part) the expected bunch of has-been actors running around like half of what they used to be. There was one (non-action) scene with Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, but other than that the only old-school action stars who featured heavily throughout the duration of the movie (at least to my knowledge as a relatively young movie-goer) were Stallone and Jet Li. Other than Stallone, the main protagonist was Jason Statham, who’s still going strong, with recent awesome movies like Death Race :)
  2. It actually had some good cinematography in it. There was the occasional weirdly filmed scene like when the camera kept flicking between Arnie and Stallone rather than show them in the same shot. I guess it’s a big call to fit two guys like that into the same frame :P But the rest of the movie was for the most part excellently captured, showing all the action and leaving no death or injury to the imagination. So it was a bit gruesome, but made for great viewing! The explosions were nicely done, we got to see plenty of destruction without any cliche heroes being thrown towards the camera by expanding fireballs.
  3. The action was nicely choreographed. Naturally, having Jet Li in a movie full of guns gives you the full arsenal of action shots to choose from, but the choices were well made.

I recommend going to see The Expendables. It’s good enough that it’s worth seeing at the cinema, like any good movie with a large amount of action and explosions :)

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