Genesis 4

This is an interesting chapter. It starts with the story of Cain and Abel and then seems to be a randomly thrown together list of who marries who and gives birth to who, starting with Cain’s descendants and then backtracking back to Adam and Eve having another son to replace Abel. I guess it makes more sense in the context of people having longer lives back then. It’s not so weird to jump in the narrative between Adam and Eve and their great-grandchildren if Adam and Eve are still alive all this time.

Aside from finding it rather amusing that Cain has to go and live in the land of Nod (an awesome name for a land if ever there was one), it’s a rather dark chapter of the bible. It starts with a man murdering his own brother and ends by saying that:

At that time men began to call on the Name of the Lord

Now it’s good for people to call on the Name of the Lord, but invariably it also means that they are running into some kind of trouble. What kind of trouble are they running into now that they weren’t running into before Cain killed Abel? I guess more will be revealed in chapter five, but it all sounds very ominous. God gave man a purpose, to fill the earth with descendants and care for it. Next thing we know, Adam and Eve first disobeyed God, and now their son has killed his brother. It’s all going very wrong, very fast…

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