Sometimes I wonder if some Christian guys think healthy relationships are a simple matter of just not having sex before marriage. They’ll have a string of girlfriends, but they think it’s ok because they’re still a virgin. If you can’t hold down a relationship (and I’m not saying everyone has to marry the first person they ask out, let’s be reasonable), there’s probably something you’re doing wrong…

3 responses to “Relationships

  1. I have heard people talk about ‘guarding your heart’ before, but still have no idea what is meant by it. Would you care to explain what you mean by the phrase, Ben?

  2. When it comes to getting alongside people, some people genuinely need advice on protecting themselves emotionally, and some people just need a kick in the butt…

  3. That’s probably true, but is it possible too that these guys had lots of problems before they started dating and learnt something/things with each girl? So could this be beneficial to their marriage once they do finally get there?
    One thing I have noticed is many young people, including Christians, will start dating people at a younger age when marriage is miles away, but they give their hearts away because they haven’t yet learnt how to guard them, and then later they have baggage when the right girl comes along.
    Having pointed out both the benefits and the dangers of “gaining dating experience”, how do we get alongside our Christian friends who need to sort their game out?

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