Tomorrow When the War Began

I went to see this today. And I was surprised! It wasn’t the best made film ever, but it was good! It’s been a long time since I read the books, and I only read the first three (there are seven). In fact there was a scene the movie where one of the girls was reading a book and her friend asked her if it’s better than the movie. To which she is given the answer yes, and she says that’s always the way. Whether that was a bit of self-deprecating humour or an apology, I’m not sure, but it was funny regardless! And the movie was pretty good.

The acting wasn’t superb, but it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t distracting or anything. There just weren’t any standout performances (except for Homer at the beginning of the movie, he was hilarious! I think he’ll prove to be one of the best actors in the series at all ends of the emotional spectrum).

The explosions and action were great, as was the tension surrounding them. Having read the book didn’t stop me from worrying about what would happen! Credit goes to the author John Marsden for the plot of course, but it wasn’t lost in the movie, it kept me on the edge of my seat!

Hopefully the production and acting will only get better as the series goes on. It has a lot of potential and is definitely worth seeing at the cinema :)

Oh, and the credits were awesomely designed! Great way to end the movie.

3 responses to “Tomorrow When the War Began

  1. As long as you’re aware that I’m really easy to please :) I love movies, a movie has to be pretty bad for me to not derive entertainment from it. As long as the acting isn’t appalling and the plot isn’t purely drama (there has to be some comedy or action somehow) then I enjoy it…

  2. Love your movie reviews and this one appeals to me since I really want to see it! I have read all the books and want to buy the set for my boys for when they are older. I really look forward to going to the movie! :-D

  3. Maybe I will go see this tomorrow. lol

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