Genesis 6 – Noah’s Ark Part 1

Two things of significance happen in this chapter. First, God limits man’s life at 120 years. Second, he destroys every creature except Noah, his family and two of each species.

This raises a lot of questions for me:

  1. Why did a gracious God choose to destroy mankind and start over?
  2. Why did He choose to send a flood that would destroy all creatures? He could’ve sent something that would have just destroyed humans and preserved Noah and his family somehow.
  3. Why didn’t God try to save mankind somehow instead of destroying it?

If you have any thoughts about the answers to these questions then let me know, but here’s one thought I have:

The command given by God so far is that man be fruitful and multiply. I don’t know what being fruitful means, it could simply be synonymous with multiplying, or it could be an early precursor of the fruit of the Spirit. But the important thing is that God has not yet given a command for man to be missional. There is not yet any obligation on the part of man to tell other men about God and how they should glorify Him.

Remember, we are right at the beginning of the bible, and as far as we know, humans are still simply one people, speaking one language, and each man is accountable personally to God (who is the head of this people, there is no king or other government) for his actions, there is no concept of men being accountable to one another to encourage each other to honour God. There is no human law that they must abide by as far as we are aware. If someone’s heart is full of evil as Genesis 6 says they were, then they are purely accountable to God for that. And God chose to narrow down the human race to Noah’s family, for the benefit of generations to come. It seems somewhat out of character for God to do this in a sense, but if you have any light you can shed on this, please do!

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