Daily Archives: 18/09/2010

New Background

How do you like the new background? Let me know what you think! I reckon it betas having the plain black background and doesn’t make it hard to read the content, which is good :)

Busy Busy Busy!

September has so far been the busiest month ever on this here blog, mostly due to me commencing the practice of using it as an outlet for my thoughts on what I’m reading in the bible on a regular basis. As you can see in the news feed, there’s a lot of posts about Genesis, just blogging my thoughts a chapter at a time :) This is mainly for my personal benefit, though your involvement would be greatly appreciated, I’m asking a lot of questions of what I read and I don’t claim to have all the answers, though I’m stoked when I do have some! God certainly is revealing Himself to me through His word :)

Tax Refunds are useful things :D

So apparently the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) owe me $285 in taxes that I overpaid in the previous financial year! This is good news, that’s enough money to get me to Australia, then I just have to get from Australia to Malaysia and Malaysia to the Philippines :) And back again of course (though I may not want to leave :/ ) Then of course there’s the other expenses involved. It’s good to have a financial boost, I’m still saving my own money and making my fundraising plans. God is good, He gives me blessings I don’t deserve :)

Cool, so that’s just a short update!