Tax Refunds are useful things :D

So apparently the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) owe me $285 in taxes that I overpaid in the previous financial year! This is good news, that’s enough money to get me to Australia, then I just have to get from Australia to Malaysia and Malaysia to the Philippines :) And back again of course (though I may not want to leave :/ ) Then of course there’s the other expenses involved. It’s good to have a financial boost, I’m still saving my own money and making my fundraising plans. God is good, He gives me blessings I don’t deserve :)

Cool, so that’s just a short update!

2 responses to “Tax Refunds are useful things :D

  1. Awesome! The tax refund was a bit more expected than your experience (perks of having two jobs is you’re often eligible for a refund) but it’s still a blessing from God!

  2. oooooooh i have had a similar experience. i’ve had to go for my physio for my shoulder. it wasn’t under ACC, so it was expensive as. I prayed like crazy asking God to provide a way. Next thing you know, upon my first appointment, the physio lady said she would put it under ACC for me because she knew what it was like to be a student, so i then was getting it for pretty much nothing. God is so good.

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