Genesis 7 – Noah’s Ark Part 2 :)

WOW! Ok first things first, we all know Noah took two of each animal onto the ark right??? Well, think again! Noah took two of each unclean animal onto the ark. Of clean animals and birds he took seven pairs of each kind! (see footnote). It’s amazing what you learn when you actually read the bible… How he knew what was clean and unclean before God gave all the instructions on such things to Moses, I’m not sure. However the animals did walk on two by two apparently, that part we’ve known correctly :)

Apparently the flood came not just by rain but also when

“…the springs of the great deep burst forth…”

It’s amazing what you can learn about things when you re-read them as an adult and don’t just rely on your Sunday School stories (much as I love Sunday School, being the person heading up that area at my own church).

Another thing that I’ve always gotten wrong is that I thought the flood lasted for forty days. But no, the waters increased for forty days but the actual flood lasted 150 days! I don’t know if  that includes or excludes the forty days it took to reach it’s peak volume of water.

Wow, today has been truly educational for me, if nothing else I’ve learned these three myth busters about Noah’s Ark!


Footnote: I’m choosing to trust in the NIV’s footnote here rather than what they put in the actual text cause later on in the chapter the animals walk on in pairs which is impossible if you take exactly seven of each creature. Thus I assume the alternate translation of seven pairs was correct.

3 responses to “Genesis 7 – Noah’s Ark Part 2 :)

  1. I go to Sabbath School and know my Bible pretty well, but you’re right, the flood waters “prevailed” for 150 days after the 40 days of rain and underground water bursting forth. So I read it as 190 days altogether!

    There’s so much more to the Bible than most people know. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. It’s probably because most of what adult Christians know is still what they learned in Sunday school ;)

  3. Hello friend. Interesting post, awesome layout and art.
    One thing that bugs me is that most artwork of Noah’s Ark story is geared to children, as if a fable.

    I’ve got to look at the story again re: the 150 day raining!

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