Flew for the first time in aaaaaages this morning! From Wellington to Auckland for the Elim National Conference. It was amazing! All my tiredness from not having any sleep last night was forgotten. New Zealand is special. We are the first in the world to see each day. So to fly out of Wellington Airport so early in the morning and watch the sun rise from my window seat on the east side was really special!

At first it was like a red traffic light rising over a sea of mauve candy floss. It didn’t even feel like the plane was that far up. If I didn’t know better I would believe we could land on that runway of cloud as far as I could see! Then as the sun got higher the clouds turned whiter and it almost looked like a massive sheet of snow. I have no doubts as to why New Zealand is called “Land of the Long White Cloud”!

It was cool to see familiar landmarks pointing through the clouds, from Mt. Ruapehu to what I could only assume were the Huntly coal chimneys. It was surreal descending and seeing cars driving down on the roads looking like toys!!!

I’m expecting to be on a few planes in the next twelve months, but I’m not sure how many of those flights will be as gorgeous as this one was. I just couldn’t stop looking out the window! Flying between layers of clouds was really weird and cool. I’ve definitely decided I love flying! It’s just such a ridiculously surreal experience being in the air! So unnatural but yet so good.

2 responses to “Flying!

  1. Thanks! The conference has been great. The flight was just at the perfect time of day! The flight back will probably still be great, though with not as good weather potentially, no sunrise and maybe no window seat :( But I’ll still enjoy it!

  2. I agree! =) I love the way you describe the clouds as candy floss. hehe. Yeah, the awesome bit about flying is seeing the view. I remember my flights to the South Island, seeing different patches of green (farmland), what looked like toy animals and toy houses, haha. It’s refreshing to see how the world looks like from up there! =) I wonder if God looks down at the view and says ‘This is awesome!’ Enjoy the conference

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