Monthly Archives: October 2010

My New Phone LG GT400

I like having new toys. I pride myself on buying good and inexpensive toys. That’s why I have a PA system, a good macbook, and a lot of other misc. toys and didn’t fork out all that much for them (trademe is my friend :P ).

So when it comes to choosing a new phone (which was an unavoidable dilemma, seeing as my old phone broke), I like to think I can make a very good choice, given that an iPhone simply would have cost too much (gutted). So here’s the features I got for $300 in the form of an LG GT400 yesterday: Continue reading

Genesis 15

Really interesting chapter! Well. They all have been so far. The bible is just so full of amazing things :)

This is the chapter where God gives Abram the famous promise that his offspring will be as uncountable as the stars. Continue reading

Changing Your Status Doesn’t Cure Cancer or Alleviate Poverty

Disclaimer: To those of you who do change your facebook statuses with the full understanding that you are merely supporting a cause and need to follow up with other action to actually see long term change, more power to you! Please bear with the bluntness (and potential controversy) of what follows…

In the past ten or twenty years, awareness campaigns have been hugely successful in getting many things out into the open. 

Now that so many things are in the open and known about, participating in viral awareness campaigns is (not solely, but to a degree) is often just a way for people to feel like they’re making a difference when actually they’re not doing a heck of a lot. It’s great for showing support for friends who might be struggling through something, but not for long term change in medical or poverty trends. Continue reading