My Strange Week

I don’t expect you all to be incredibly interested in reading about how my week was, but here it is anyway!

This week I’ve been working at the Pride Lands school holiday program which has been fantastic! I really feel appreciated when I can’t sit down without five kids trying to all fit onto my lap :)

Also this week my parents came down to visit, which was great. We had $10 lunch curries at Great India (always a bargain!) and spent some time on the waterfront in the sun! It was good to see them again. I haven’t really been able to make it home much recently so it’s good that they are able to make it down here from time to time.

Yesterday I fell ill for some reason. I’m not sure what caused it. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t something I ate so it’s probably just some bug I caught. It’s bad timing cause the missions course I’m attending at church is having the big final weekend this weekend and I’m missing it :( so I’m gonna have to catch up on that somehow.

It was a rough night last night. Thankfully I tend to recover from sickness pretty quickly. This time last year I was sick from something I ate and the day after I was DJing and dancing at a ball later that day. This time around things aren’t quite so fast, but some amazing friends of mine dropped off some food and on the whole I’m feeling a lot better! Should be all ready to hang out with my Sunday school kids tomorrow morning :)

Anyway. For some reason I just needed to narrate the ups and downs of my week. I think that yesterday evening, knowing that sooner or later I was gonna be sick and that there’s no one to help me out was one of the more lonely and helpless feelings I’ve had since I left home. But that’s what being an adult is about, when you’re sick you just have to take care of yourself sometimes I suppose!

3 responses to “My Strange Week

  1. @qwandor I don’t really find life away from home that lonely. Wellington is my home now and all my life I’ve always felt at home in the company of my friends, whom I see lots of :) Being sick is the lonely part, cause I’m used to having someone take care of me hehe.

    @Deb yeah I remember that!

  2. debzywebzy

    Mum says awwww. And something about you ringing her from the other end of the house from your cellphone once coz you were sick. hehe. But it was a bigger house lol.

  3. Yep, life away from home can certainly be lonely, at times you might not even expect.

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