Daily Archives: 18/10/2010

Food & Cultural Identity

It seems like one of the strongest things we associate with cultures is food. Even before music, movies or anything else, we will still always think of curry in association with India before we think of Bollywood (or is this just me?).

And so I’ve been thinking, what food have us white people got to offer the world? Our taste palette seems to be fairly bland. It seems like just about every other country in the world has something of exciting flavour to offer! Continue reading

Genesis 12 – Introducing Abraham!

Here begins the history of Israel. In the twelfth chapter of a book that has over a thousand chapters, proving that despite the lengthiness of the good book, God doesn’t bandy about with words. Here we are at chapter twelve, so much has already happened and now Abraham comes along!

Now in chapter twelve of Genesis, there are some strange goings on involving Abraham pretending that his wife is actually his sister, getting them into a bit of a pickle with Pharaoh, but before that something of mega importance happens! Continue reading