Food & Cultural Identity

It seems like one of the strongest things we associate with cultures is food. Even before music, movies or anything else, we will still always think of curry in association with India before we think of Bollywood (or is this just me?).

And so I’ve been thinking, what food have us white people got to offer the world? Our taste palette seems to be fairly bland. It seems like just about every other country in the world has something of exciting flavour to offer!

The Japanese have given us sushi. Now I’ll admit that this one took me by surprise. I’m not really a fan of sushi, or seafood, so I was somewhat taken aback when the western world decided to agree with the Japanese that raw fish tastes great if you wrap it in a leaf. I guess I missed that boat…

The Middle East have given us kebabs, which will never cease to be amazing.

The French almost let us down with snails, but redeemed themselves by inventing the croissant. Honestly, how did they come up with the snail thing?! Some dude sitting on a park bench one night, stoned out of his mind probably picked one up and went “ooh, I wonder what this tastes like!” Then instead of going to rehab, he decided to open a restaurant and the rest is history. Well. It probably didn’t happen like that. But anyway…

The Italians gave us pizza, the Germans gave us Frankfurters AND burgers, the Turks gave us Turkish delight and South East Asia gave us just about everything!

And we of British ancestry, what have we to offer the world? Well, I’ve thought long and hard about it and I’ve come to a decision. And no, it’s not the roast. Roasts can be nice, but let’s face it, they’re pretty much the laziest thing you can make unless you’re getting really gourmet about it all. Grab a chicken and some veges, shove them in the oven for an afternoon while you watch TV.

No, we’ve given the world something much better than that!

The humble sandwich.

O sandwich, where dost thou possibilities end?! Spend a year or two in a student hostel and you soon learn that there’s nothing that can’t go between two bits of bread! All the time I get to try new and exciting foods thanks to all the people from different nations that I meet. But all my life I will never fall out of love with the sandwich! It hasn’t failed me yet.

6 responses to “Food & Cultural Identity

  1. @tommo39 @Debbie The like button only appears if you are logged in.

  2. @Tim, I did say pizza :)

    @Deb, it’s right there you blond!!! With the star and the message “be the first to like this post”

  3. don’t forget lasagne, the italians have awesome food.

  4. Where is the like button on this? lol

  5. Haha my question is how on earth did they come up with them? It’s amazing looking at some food we eat and realising that at some point in time someone decided to be the pioneer in putting this thing in their mouth…

  6. So have you ever eaten snails cooked in the french way? They are incredible! Sautéd in hot butter with minced garlic and parsley, so flippin’ good!

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