My New Phone LG GT400

I like having new toys. I pride myself on buying good and inexpensive toys. That’s why I have a PA system, a good macbook, and a lot of other misc. toys and didn’t fork out all that much for them (trademe is my friend :P ).

So when it comes to choosing a new phone (which was an unavoidable dilemma, seeing as my old phone broke), I like to think I can make a very good choice, given that an iPhone simply would have cost too much (gutted). So here’s the features I got for $300 in the form of an LG GT400 yesterday:

  • 3 inch touch screen
  • Potential to expand memory up to 16GB using micro SD (I plan to do this! Then my phone will also be my mp3 player)
  • 3G internet browsing capability
  • Multitasking! Stokage about that ladies and gentlemen!
  • Ability to type using Qwerty, not just the 9 number buttons.
  • FM Radio (not usually a radio listener, but I could be swayed by the convenience on top of the 16gigs of mp3s I can carry around with me :P )
  • 5 megapixel camera. I haven’t checked it out thoroughly yet, though it can only be an improvement on my old Samsung Envy :P It does seem to even do focussing and stuff, which is pretty cool.
  • Some gimmicky things like a mobile version of the Muvee movie making software, but you never know, it might turn out to be cool!

All in all I’m feeling very positive about it! I call that good value for $300 my friends! Let me know what you think.

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