Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

It would be incredibly remiss of me to go and see a movie and not blog a review of it afterwards, so here’s my thoughts on Resident Evil 3D:

I admit, it wasn’t my choice to see this movie. My boss organised a bit of a “boys’ night” and so this is what we went to see. I haven’t seen any of the other movies in the franchise. But I did enjoy it :)

The plot held no surprises. Nothing was particularly unexpected except for a random huge guy with a massive axe who inexplicably appeared part way through the movie and was killed off not long after. Maybe the gamers among you can explain such things, but to me he looked like an afterthought. As if the producers had made the whole movie and then decided “what we need is a huge indestructible guy right about here”.

But some movies just don’t have to have twists in them to be enjoyable. A combination of a fast paced plot and great action and explosions and good use of 3D made this movie fairly decent entertainment for me!

If you need intellectual stimulation then don’t bother seeing Afterlife, but if you can enjoy watching some awesome plane stunts, explosions, fight scenes and zombie annihilation in 3D, then this is a good movie for you :)

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