Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

Advantages of going to the movies by myself: I can go to buy my ticket twenty minutes before a hugely popular film starts in its first week of showing and get a back row seat :) Albeit at the end of the row, but that didn’t really bother me.

This was another good installment! The advantages of breaking this last book into two movies were abundantly clear, it felt a lot less rushed. With books so full of action that you can turn them into multiple movies without any of them feeling slow, I only wish they’d started this with Goblet of Fire!

The film had a nice mix of hilarious moments (when everyone drank the polyjuice potion to become Harry being one particularly funny part), edge of your seat action and suspense.

Having read the book had its pros and cons. I was never uncertain about what was going on. With such a packed movie, it could be harder to follow for those not acquainted with the literature, I don’t know. But the down side was that of course, despite being taken along emotionally by the movie, I knew what was going to happen. Now before you bash me for saying that, I acknowledge that this is an occupational hazard of making a movie from a book and I’m not criticising the director, producers or screen writers in any way. I’m just acknowledging the issue. Scenes that were obviously designed to make you question “who is this mysterious person grabbing the sword and pulling Harry out of the water?”. Well, I knew the answer to that before it happened.

But none of this stopped it being a fantastic movie! The audience groaned their displeasure when it cut for the credits, and I agree. Must we wait till June/July to see the rest? It is somewhat depressing, but worth looking forward to :)

4 responses to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

  1. Post production can overlap, doesn’t have to stop them filming the next one. And people stop aging so fast physically once they’ve reached full height and got some facial hair :P

    Lots of movies do primary photography in about 90-100 days.

  2. debzywebzy

    but it would take longer to film more screen time. And more post production, etc. Would still be a lot older than they are now.

  3. Not really, cause when they do these things, they tend to shoot the dual films back to back, as one.

  4. debzywebzy

    Only thing is that if they had started splitting them at Goblet of Fire the actors would be about thirty by the time it was all over. …

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