Five Vids I have Favourited on Youtube and Why…

Every so often I used to just do a post linking to a video and saying why it’s cool. Which is ok, but kinda dumb as a blog post. Blog posts with vids need to have more than one! It’s best if they’re of the same kind of vid or have some point of comparison, but for this post, I’m just gonna show you five vids I’ve favourited on youtube and tell you why :)

Jay R – One Hundred Ways

I’ve just really been enjoying this song recently, after first hearing it when listening to Pinoy radio on It’s a cover, but it’s done well enough :) Doesn’t sound really all the different from the original, just slightly more modern I suppose. It’s a cute song :)

Nick Pitera – A Whole New World

If you haven’t seen this yet, you really have to! Nick Pitera has an incredible voice range, incorporating both male and female vocal ranges. He does songs that sound better than others, but he did a great job of this one and the fact that it’s normally a male-female duet shows off his trick really well! The first time I heard it I was really blown away, it’s just so ridiculous what he can do!

Eddie Izzard – Death Star Canteen

Language warning for this video! Anyway. Making lego versions of youtube vids is nothing new, but the awesome lego action aside, this is just a really hilarious skit by Eddie Izzard. You don’t have to be overly familiar with Star Wars to enjoy it, it’s just really well written! Makes me laugh every time :)

Louis CK – Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

Definitely a case of things being funny cause they’re true! Still, it helps that he has the delivery down pat. It’s never as funny when I try to repeat it to people, I just can’t perform it the same way :P

Top Gear – Jeremy Drives the Smallest Car in the World

The thing I love about Top Gear is that you don’t have to know anything about cars to enjoy it :) Cause I really do know nothing about cars. This vid of theirs is particularly funny. Jeremy Clarkson is the man! I highly recommend watching the Top Gear Vietnam episode too if you can find it.

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