The Future…

I haven’t really blogged about anything personal in a while, which is fine :) I’m happy to mostly spew out my takes on movies and chapters of the bible. But once in a while it’s nice to remember that this is my personal blog still, and as it doesn’t really have a large audience by any stretch of the imagination I still feel permitted to talk about myself and my life with a degree of detail. Writing helps me think. Maybe when this imports to fb I’ll tag some people.

I seem to have my fingers in several pies at the moment. One of which is my church kids, a.k.a Powerzone. It’s trucking along nicely, but I’m looking hard for ways to grow it. To grow the kids spiritually, but also to grow the number of kids. Not for numbers’ sake, though the things you can do with a larger group of children certainly add a fantastic dynamic, but because pretty much all of these kids know people who need to know Jesus. I feel very responsible for helping them manage this fact and respond to it appropriately, and I’m always searching for more ideas as to how…

Another thing that’s in the immediate future is becoming an early childhood teacher. It’s not what I expected to happen. It’s an age group that I’m not unfamiliar with, though not as familiar with compared to primary-aged kids. This doesn’t really bother me in the sense that I look back and see how much I’ve learned about primary school kids over the last two and a half years and how much better I can handle them now. I know the same will apply with these younger kids. There’s still the niggling thought that starting back at square one with a different age group and learning all over again is going to be frustrating at times, I just have to deliberately not entertain that thought.

Also in the early childhood teaching bottle is the fact that it means study. I’m extremely glad that it’s centre-based study with one day a week of classes and two days a week of placement (plus self-managed study time). But it’s certainly a task to mentally overcome the fact that last time I locked myself in to studying for three years to get a degree, it didn’t go so well. I’m encouraged by the fact that it’s a different area of study, an area that I care about and it’s a different approach to the concept of tertiary study altogether. Plus I’ve come leaps and bounds in personal time management this year, though I have a long way to go. Again, failure is just a thought that I’m better off not entertaining.

Also associated with the course are worries about whether I’ll be eligible for any government money to help pay for fees etc after my dramatic end to my last course :/

And of course, I haven’t forgotten that I’m planning to go to the Philippines! I’ve been saving $60 a week for a couple of months now. The designs for my album are pretty much finalised and I can basically go ahead and print those ASAP. The only problem that may arise is a conflict of timing with this early childhood course. My original plan to go for four weeks in July-August is going to turn into either going for three weeks right in the middle of the year in between semesters (2011 course dates haven’t been posted yet but three weeks is the time frame shown in the 2010 course dates) or leaving it till the end of the year and going in November. Weather-wise, the middle of the year would be preferable, but I’m not going for the weather, I’m going for the kids.

Financially, the end of the year of course gives me more time to save and raise money. And just in terms of myself, ending a semester then going overseas for three weeks, then coming straight back into another semester might not be the wisest move. But we’ll see how it goes when I can view 2011 course dates.

So that’s the next three years! Beyond that there are many things more I think about from time to time. How I’d like to own my own place to live one day. I’ve got kiwisaver working on that, but at this rate it’ll take decades :( . In fact, between that and saving for the Philippines straight out of my income, all my savings are automatic and untouchable, which is really good for me. For someone who’s pretty good with numbers and who can make an impressive looking personal budget, I’m actually pretty terrible with my personal finances.

So it’s really good for me that my student loan repayments, kiwisaver and Philippines trip savings (and tax :/ ) all come straight out of my income before it even gets to me, though kinda depressing when the figure in my bank account is less than half of what I actually get paid :P

Anyway, this is kinda getting long and boring now. Ooh, WordPress has a word count thing! I did not know this. 819 words so far apparently. Ok, I’ll shut up now.

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